Flute Duo Master Pieces 25/Littele Wings of Mozart
/Disney Songs Flute Duet/Let it go/STUDIO GHIBLI Flute Duet
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【Flute Duo Master Pieces 25】Sheet Music
I arranged 25 pieces of masterpieces of flute into a duet.
The first Fl conformed to a general melodic score. Second part is required as an alternative to piano accompaniment. You can play at places where there is no piano.
It helps to understand the piece. I think that you can use it for practicing ensemble and lesson.

All pieces can be listened.

1.Sicilienne G.Faure
2.Menuet de "L'Arlesienne" G.Bizet
3.Intermezzo de "Carmen" G.Bizet
4.Andante K.315 W.A.Mozart
5.Fantasie "On Wings of Song" H.Steckmest
6.Pan! Johannes Donjon
7.Vocalise S.Rachmaninov
8.Gavotte Francois-Joseph Gossec
9.Ballets des Champs-Elysees Christoph Willibald Gluck
10.Siciliano BWV1031 J.S.Bach
11.Polonaise BWV1067 J.S.Bach
12.Badinerie BWV1067 J.S.Bach
13.En Bateau C.Debussy
14.The little Shepherd C.Debussy
15.Ave Maria C.F.Gounod
16.Serenade J.Haydn
17.Largo G.F.Handel
18.Salut d'amour E.Elgar
19.Humoreske A.Dvorak
20.La Cinquantaine G.Marie
21.Meditation de "Thais" J.F.Massenet
22.Berceuse E.Kohler
23.Traumerei R.Schumann
24.The Flight of The Bumble Bee RimskyKorsakov
25.Melody E.Noblot

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【Playlist : ALL PIECES FULL】

Duet Collection "Little Wings of Mozart"
This book is a collection of works for early childhoods including K.1 which Mozart composed for the first time at the age of 5 and a collection of music for the piano (harpsichord) sketched in London at the age of 8 (The London Sketch K.15a - K.15qq) , A total of 49 songs are arranged for duet.Why Mozart is said to be a genius?
Studying the earliest works may enhance your understanding.Each pieces is short but witty but rich in content.


1761-1764 Salzburg

1764 London
K.15a-K.15qq「The London Sketchbook」

Total 49 pieces

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【Playlist : ALL PIECES FULL】

【Disney Songs Flute Duet】
We will deliver a wonderful melody from the exciting Disney movie.
Arranged masterpieces coloring Disney movies into flute doubles.
I hope you enjoy it.
1.Beauty And The Beast
3.I See The Light (Tangled)
4.La La Lu(Lady and the Tramp)
5.Colors of the Wind(Pocahontas)
6. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (The Lion King )
7.Part Of Your World(The Little Mermaid)
8.Someday(The Hunchback of notre dame)
9.That's How You Know(ENCHANTED)
10.A Whole New World(Aladdin)
11.Go the Distance(Hercules)
12.A Spoonful of Sugar(Mary Poppins)
13.You'll Be In My Heart(Tarzan and Jane)
14.When she loved me(Toy Story 2)
15.A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes(Cinderella)

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【Let it go】
Let It Go (from "Frozen") for Flute duo.
You can step up playing nice melody.
Let's play your teacher or friends.
Maybe this is nice piece for your concerts and practice.
Original key : 4♭This piece : Nothing!
It becomes easy!



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Sales license will be up to 2017.12.31. However, if there is an instruction from rights owner or right transfer, there may be a case where sale ends before that.
Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind
It is a flute duet version from the anime movie "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind", which Studio Ghibli is proud of worldwide. I wrote songs from Symphony album and Soundtrack respectively. This movie has been over 30 years since its release, but its continue to add new fans. Please play the world view of overwhelming scale with two flutes by all means. In addition, since we have also written code, we can play both flute 2 + chord instruments such as guitar and piano. Will not the range of performance widen more?
・The Legend of the Wind
・"Bird People" ~ Ending ~

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Laputa, the Castle of the Sky
It is a flute duet version from the "Laputa of the Castle in the Sky" which boasts tremendous popularity from children to adults with a magnificent story. I wrote songs from Symphony album and Soundtrack respectively. It's the same key so you can play it according to the CD. Because you recorded the code, you can play with other instruments. Of course you can play with two flutes. Please enjoy the world of Laputa.
・Prologue - Encounter
・Memories of Gonda
・Theta's determination
・Castle Laputa in the Sky
・Carrying you

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